Apple iPhone 4

What can you get these days in the way of electronics for under $1,000? An Apple iPhone 4! With the Apple iPhone 4, you’ll get a feature that used to be possible only in the imagination of science fiction writers – FaceTime.

FaceTime allows you to actually see the people you’re talking to on their Iphone 4, and they can see you, too. Imagine all the possibilities. You can see old friends, show distant relatives your new baby, show off your new outfit, or blow a kiss from around the world.

The Apple iPhone displays all images crisply, thanks to the pixel density of the Retina display. This includes movies, games, print, and photographs. Words and graphics are clear no matter what their size, so you won’t have to worry about fuzzy displays.

In fact, you can turn the iPhone 4 in just about any position and still get a great view, with a more distinct contrast than on most other models.

With the Apple iPhone 4, it’s easy to switch from one activity to another, too. Receive VoIP calls while you’re busy with something else, and transition easily back to what you were doing after the call. You can take up right where you left off!

One of the best features of the Apple iPhone 4 is the chemically treated display glass. This is the type of glass used on helicopters, so it’s extremely hard and strong, and it resists scratches. The glass also has a coating that resists fingerprints and smudges.

This smart phone is a great way to listen to music, read, play games, and stay connected to family and friends – face to face. Take a peek at the great ones below and see for yourself!