Apple iPod Touch

Apple ipod touch

The new Apple iPod Touch features FaceTime, allowing you to visit face-to-face with your friends who have an iPod Touch or an iPhone 4.

The possibilities for this technology are practically endless, besides being a lot of fun. Wave hello from a foreign country, show your pals your new haircut, or deliver a virtual kiss.

FaceTime on the Apple iPod Touch is easy to use. It’s ready to go from day one – just open a new email account or enter your Apple ID and email address.

To begin a video chat with a pal over Wi-Fi, simply tap the app and find him on your list. Once you do, he’ll get an invitation on his screen. FaceTime will start when he accepts.

Another cool aspect of the Apple iPod Touch is that is has two cameras. The camera on the front is for using with FaceTime, and it’s designed to be used at arm’s length so that you can hold it yourself. The second camera is on the back and can be used to take shots from farther away.

What else can you do with the Apple iPod Touch? Surf the web with built-in wireless access. The A4 chip makes doing so fast and easy, with built-in Yahoo, Bing, and Google search.

Zoom in and out with the touchscreen. Create your own screen icons. Use AirPrint to print pages without the need for cables and wires. With all these features offered by the Apple iPod Touch, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one!