Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB External Hard Drive

WD external hard drive

Click here to find out more! A few months ago I bought this Western Digital Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive to backup all my files on my laptop, since all I use is a laptop. I must say I have been very happy with it. The 1 TB gives me plenty of room for all my files plus much extra space to add lots more down the road. It was easy to hook up and use. This WD external hard drive has a power cord and a 2.0 USB cord to attach to the drive and your computer. Once you plug … [Read more...]

Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad


Check out this great Belkin laptop cooling pad here! Worry about your laptop overheating? Get the Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad and your worries will be over. Keeping your laptop cool will extend its life and often improve its functioning. This cooling pad has a neat wave design that enhances the fan cooling with natural convection. You won’t have to worry about its using a lot of power, either. It uses the USB port on your laptop, so no cumbersome power adapter is needed. When you’re not … [Read more...]

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle with USB Adaptor for Select Dell Systems


Dell wireless mouse and keyboard Streamline your Dell system and increase mobility with the Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle with USB Adaptor. The keyboard and mouse share the same USB adaptor. The keyboard has 104 keys, including music buttons, and is ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind, and the mouse has three buttons and can be programmed to better fit your needs. The mouse has been designed with no moving parts, so you won’t have to worry about its slowing down … [Read more...]

Dell Bluetooth 5-Button Travel Mouse

dell bluetooth travel mouse

Dell travel mouse The Dell Bluetooth Travel Mouse is a wonderful device for anyone who’s mobile. Of course, you can use it at home, too. As the name implies, the mouse has five buttons: right click, left click, forward, backward, and a scroll wheel. You can use the software provided by Dell to program your mouse to customize the functions. The wheel moves from side to side to allow for horizontal scrolling, too. If you prefer, program the side buttons for web surfing or as volume … [Read more...]

Laptop Accessories


You may want or need some accessories to go along with your laptop. It seems you need accessories for everything these days. One of the most important laptop accessory you will want other than the power cord is a case, but I'm not going to go on about different carrying cases for your laptops because I just want to inform you of the different laptop accessories you will want. Most of your laptops come with a power cord, but you could lose your power cord or maybe you need to replace an old one. … [Read more...]

Electronics reviews, guides and information


Inside here you will find everything your looking for when it comes to the newest electronics gadgets, items, accessories and more. From the latest computers, digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones, camcorders, electric toys, kitchen electronics and much more you can find it here. Some of the electronic information you can find in here are side by side reviews of the latest electronics items so you can do a side by side comparison. Others showcase the latest electronic gadgets and give … [Read more...]