Panasonic LUMIX G Lens for digital cameras


Panasonic Lumix G lens The Panasonic LUMIX G lens is an interchangeable lens that can be used with the following Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras: the DMC-G10K, the DMC-GH2S- body-only, and the DMC-GH2K-body-only. The lens can be used for shooting photographs and videos and has a direct-drive linear motor with inner focus that makes operating the camera quiet and smooth, which is especially handy when shooting movies. With the Micro Four Thirds System, you can get crisp, clear images … [Read more...]

Camera Accessories

camera case

Most people that buy a new camera will want a case or pouch to hold the new camera. Not only will you be wanting a case, but you will want other accessories to go along with your camera. You might even be looking to replace some old items on your camera with some new camera accessories. There's an abundance of accessories to go with your camera such as, tripod,camera cases, lenses, remote switch, batteries, lens hood, step up rings, and much more. You will find the perfect accessory to go along … [Read more...]

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Inside here you will find everything your looking for when it comes to the newest electronics gadgets, items, accessories and more. From the latest computers, digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones, camcorders, electric toys, kitchen electronics and much more you can find it here. Some of the electronic information you can find in here are side by side reviews of the latest electronics items so you can do a side by side comparison. Others showcase the latest electronic gadgets and give … [Read more...]