Panasonic 1.6 Cubic Foot Countertop Microwave Oven NN-SN760S

Panasonic 1.6 Cubic Foot Countertop Microwave Oven
Countertop Microwave Oven

Most people love using their microwave ovens, mostly for the speed and convenience provided. Microwaves, however, aren’t exactly known for their food quality. Dishes often come out with an unusual texture, muted color, and even altered taste.

Microwave ovens are also notorious for uneven cooking. The Panasonic 1.6 cubic foot countertop microwave oven changes all this. Thanks to Panasonic’s Inverter Technology, this handy oven makes microwaved foods taste and appear as if they’d been cooked in a traditional oven!

This Panasonic microwave oven has some outstanding features. One is the Genius Sensor. With just one touch, you can cook meals or reheat leftovers automatically. The smart sensor figures the cooking and reheating times and adjusts the power level accordingly.

Another great feature is the Inverter Turbo Defrost. If you liked Auto Defrost, you’ll love Turbo Defrost! It allows you to defrost frozen foods in a flash, so even if you forget to plan ahead for dinner, you can quickly have something from the freezer thawed and ready to cook in minutes.

Something else you’ll enjoy is the “Keep Warm” feature. You can pop foods into the microwave oven and keep them warm without having to worry about overcooking them or drying them out. Panasonic makes this possible by using pulsating power at a very low setting.

The Panasonic 1.6 cubic foot countertop microwave has a 15-inch turntable, 1250 watts of power, 10 levels of power settings, and a 3-stage multi-stage cooking feature. This oven will look great in your kitchen, too. It’s sleek stainless steel and has a black door window.

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