Panasonic HDC –HS700 Camcorder

Panasonic camcorders
Panasonic Camcorders

If you’re in the market for a new camcorder, consider the Panasonic HDC-HS700. It records high def, high-density images at the rate of 60 per second. Not only will all your action videos be crisp and smooth, you’ll also get great stills.

While many camcorders on the market have a 44.9mm lens, the Panasonic HDC-HS700 uses a 35mm wide-angle lens. Not only that, but Panasonic HD camcorders use top-quality lenses from Leica Dicomar. These famous lenses deliver super resolution and contrast, whether in low-light situations or in strong sunlight, with three separate video sensors.

The Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder will give you superb videos at any distance, too, thanks to the 12x optical zoom, along with Intelligent Zoom. This feature allows you to shoot with a zoom up to 18x, resulting in sharp images. This Panasonic HD camcorder also has backlight compensation, electronic viewfinder, and an image stabilizer.

Enjoy great Dolby Digital sound with your videos, too. The camcorder has a dynamic type speaker and a 5.1ch stereo mini microphone that performs in surround, zoom, and focus. Use the stereo mini headphone, if you prefer.

To make video recording even better, add a few accessories to your Panasonic HD camcorder. Popular additions include a video DC light, a DVD burner, and an AC adaptor. You might also want to purchase a one-year or a three-year Customer Care Plan.

The Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder is tough and compact, so it’s very portable. It’s also easy to use. This sleek black camcorder will be a wonderful addition to your video recording arsenal!