Panasonic MK-G20NR-W Super Meat Grinder

Panasonic meat grinders
Panasonic meat grinders

Have you ever considered having your own meat grinder? They’re handy appliances to have in your kitchen. You can turn lean cuts of beef into low-fat burgers, or grind your own chicken and turkey for even healthier burgers.

You can also grind hard vegetables to make your own relishes, chutneys, and chow chow. If you’re a sausage lover, you’ll love being able to make your own sausages.

After all, you don’t know what’s really in the sausages you buy at the grocery store or market. With the Panasonic Super Meat Grinder’s special sausage attachment, you can turn beef, pork, chicken, and other meats into tasty sausages by adding your own favorite herbs and spices.

The Panasonic Super Meat grinder is also perfect for anyone who hunts. Turning a deer, elk, or moose carcass into easy-to-cook patties, sausages, or ground meat is a snap. Forget those manual meat grinders that you wear out your arm cranking – this one is electric!

All the cutting blades are stainless steel and include a fine plate, a medium plate, and a coarse plate. You’ll get the sausage attachment and a kubbe attachment, too, for creating exotic cuisine.

The large hopper is easy to clean and care for, and all parts are metal. You won’t have a problem finding room for the meat grinder, either. It measures just over one foot long and is just six and on-half inches wide. Free recipes are included.

The Panasonic Super Meat Grinder is compact and easy to use, and it’s super tough. Will proper care, you’ll get years of use from this appliance. Check out all the great Panasonic meat grinders below!