Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera TX9

Sony cyber shot camera
Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera TX9

The Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera TX9 is small and sleek, with lots of capabilities. The screen measures 3.5 inches diagonally, and it has Xtra Fine LCD touch screen display.

The 3-D option also allows you to create fun three-dimensional photos that you can view on a 3-D television. How does it do this? Right-eye and left-eye images are recorded separately, so when viewed on an appropriate TV, the results are pretty amazing.

Do you like the look of DSLR photos – where the background appears in a sort of muted blur, while the subject is crisp? You can take those types of pics with the Cyber-Shot TX9. The camera takes two shots, identifies the background, and uses defocus on it. The subject stands out in clear juxtaposition.

Another great feature of the Sony Cyber-Shot TX9 is a function called Soft Skin. When you take face shots with this mode, skin tones will be evened out, and wrinkles and imperfections will be reduced.

The Anti-Motion Blur Mode will capture great images during low light, too, by taking six images in less than a second. All six images will be combined into one detailed shot.

Use this little beauty to shoot movies, too. The Cyber-Shot TX9 records movies in high definition, and you can watch them instantly via HDMI connection to a compatible LCD or HDTV. Burn it to a disc and watch on Sony PlayStation 3, Blu-ray disc player, or a compatible HDTV or PC.

The Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera TX9 is thin and tiny, so you can keep it with you all the time. Take a look at all the models below!