Basic information about Apple iPhones

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These days it seems like everyone has or is going to buy an Apple iPhone. With so many different models that have come out with many different options it can be very confusing to buy your first one. So here is a few basic answers and information about iPhones you may have. First iPhones are made by Apple, the same company that makes Mac computers, ipods and ipads. Many will agree that the Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced smart phones around. It seems like each year they come out with … [Read more...]

Apple MacBook


Apple Macbook The Apple MacBook is different than most other machines in the same category because the hardware, the software, and the operating system are all produced by the same company. For users, this means that they’re specifically designed to work well together seamlessly. It won’t take you long to notice the difference! The MacBook has built-in Wi-Fi technology, and setup is a breeze. It can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Windows, and most of the … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Touch


Apple ipod touch The new Apple iPod Touch features FaceTime, allowing you to visit face-to-face with your friends who have an iPod Touch or an iPhone 4. The possibilities for this technology are practically endless, besides being a lot of fun. Wave hello from a foreign country, show your pals your new haircut, or deliver a virtual kiss. FaceTime on the Apple iPod Touch is easy to use. It’s ready to go from day one – just open a new email account or enter your Apple ID and email … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4


What can you get these days in the way of electronics for under $1,000? An Apple iPhone 4! With the Apple iPhone 4, you’ll get a feature that used to be possible only in the imagination of science fiction writers – FaceTime. FaceTime allows you to actually see the people you’re talking to on their Iphone 4, and they can see you, too. Imagine all the possibilities. You can see old friends, show distant relatives your new baby, show off your new outfit, or blow a kiss from around the … [Read more...]



There is so much to cover when it comes to computers because of the wide varieties there are! Many of you are looking for the perfect computer because you want it to last a long time and then you may not be sure which product to go with. Well, you will find a wide variety of products to look at and you will also find reviews on the different types of computers. Dell computers are of course one of the most popular one, but we have more than Dell computers to choose from! We have Gateway, … [Read more...]



Looking for something with more portability than a laptop, then check out the Net-books. Some people might like the Net-book over a laptop because of it's size and that it can fit inside your purse. You can still surf the web and do the same things as you do on a laptop on a Net-book. The Net-book is more popular with students because it's a little bit cheaper than a laptop, but still does the same functions as a laptop. Net-book is a great product and many different providers carry Net-books … [Read more...]



Let's take a look at one of the biggest electronic in demand right now. Everyone wants their very own laptop to take around with them. Some people live their whole lives on a laptop and can't imagine life without one! One time or another you will have to replace your old laptop with a new one and you will be looking or the laptop that most expresses you. There are regular plain laptops out there and then we have bright colorful ones too! Some of you may not care about what your laptop looks … [Read more...]