The Kodak Playsport Beats the Flip Camera Review

The hottest new camera is the Kodak Playsport and for under $150.00 it’s beating the flip camera hands down.  Get a first hand account of a Mother and Daughters investigative findings.  The Kodak Playsport is kid tested and family approved.

Stick around to learn why the kodak playsport is the hottest most durable video camera plus camera on the market in it’s price rang.  The Kodak playsport video camera has something to prove and is doing just that with this impressive video camera.

Thank goodness because after looking high and low for an affordable video camera everyone can afford, getting the Kodak stamp of quality was fantastic.

My twelve year old has been saving her money to buy a video camera and while she was convinced the flip camera was all she could afford she found one at an even lower price that blows the flip away.   My daughters best friend had been using a flip camera for six months now.  They were well versed on the details and capability of this camera.  Now came the comparison.  In fact it turned out to be little to no comparison at all as the flip just couldn’t go toe to toe with the playsport.

Yes and it’s even below her price rang. The new Kodak Playsport is the camera my daughter fell in love with after much careful review.   As she said, The Playsport blows the flip away and she’s glad she did her homework.  To bad for her friend who is now on a mission to get one for herself.

Why Buy the Kodak Play sport

  • It easily fits in your pocket
  • You can move easily without accidentally hitting any on buttons
  • The PRICE is right
  • Records under water being an H2O video and picture camera
  • It looks great, coming in hot colors
  • It takes high quality HD pictures and videos
  • The sound is amazing
  • It’s waterproof, durable and easy to use in or out of water
  • tough and rugged standing up to rough and tumble outdoor play
  • The playsport is easy to clean and care for


Last night my daughter took her Kodak Playsport to a band concert.  She recorded two hours of great video footage of my oldest daughter performing.

The footage she got was fantastic and the sound amazing.  I was so impressed with it I took a second look at my pricey camera and shook my head.  Her camera is easy to use than my fancy Sony.  I was and still am jealous.

I now want a Kodak Playsport Video Camera.  Oh did I tell you she also got great pictures too.  She quickly uploaded all the videos and pictures onto her laptop this morning and it was a piece of cake.  She was also sharing both via facebook with ease.  The videos and pictures are all great just amazing. I’m sold.

So if your looking to buy a great camera for under $ 150.00 dollars the Kodak Playsport is the camera for you.

you too can buy this great camera for your kid or kids and let them become the family video and picture guru.  Life has never been more stress free and the great videos and pictures are priceless.  Whew, who knew I’d be getting such a break with this camera, both pocket and time!

Much Love and Success,





  1. Pamela99 says:

    Great review and I want one of those cameras! I bought a more expensive camera about a year ago and have never been happy with it and this one looks simple to use, affordable and right up my alley. Thanks. Peace..

    • katiem2 says:

      Pamela99, Me too I bought a 1,200 dollar camera and fell in love with my daughters kodak playsport. I’ve never been a big kodak user, my parents did, it seemed to be the camera of their time and yet now its making a come back in my life. The Kodak Playsport is a great camera to buy anyone. Good to hear from you, Peace back at ya, :)