5 Great reasons to buy a Nook Color

First off let me say that I love my Nook Color from Barnes and Noble. It’s an awesome little ebook that gives me hours of entertainment at my fingertips. If you’re in the market for a tablet/ebook, let me give you my 5 reasons as to why I think you should make the Nook Color your choice.

  1. Size – The Nook is smaller then most tablets which makes it ideal for carrying around town. Other tablets might offer bigger screen sizes, but to me that kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet. You might as well carry around a laptop. Tablets should be compact, say the size of a paperback book. The Nook is exactly that size and fits perfectly into your hand.
  2. It’s Color – As the name suggest, the Nook Color is well, in color. As opposed to other ebooks which come in black and white font meant to simulate a real book, the Nook gives a whole new perspective with it’s bright and vivid colors. Perfect for viewing magazines or photography websites.
  3. Price – At $249 the Nook is way cheaper then most tablets at the market. This makes it a great bargain for students who need something inexpensive for school.
  4. Huge Selection of Books – With the Nook, you have access to thousands of book titles from the Barnes and Noble store. They’ve got over 2 millions book and magazine titles waiting for you. Just browse their library, choose and buy your title and download it instantly. You could be reading the newest titles from your favorite author in mere minutes.
  5. Long Battery Life –  The Nooks battery life last for hours. Going to the beach? Take your Nook without the worry of it dying on you. A fully charged Nook can last up to 8 hours. How awesome is that. And you get to play all kinds of cool games on it too.

Now that I’ve filled you in to my 5 favorite reasons to buy a Nook you have no reason to go out and get one. It’s cheaper then most tablets out there by about $200, is smaller and  fits in the palm of your hand like a glove, it’s in color, and it’s battery last up to 8 hours. What more reasons do you need?

The Nook Color from Barnes and Noble