Batman: Arkham City video game

Batman, Arkham city game
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If your a gamer and have played Batman, Arkham Asylum and loved it, then you must try Batman: Arkham city! This video game builds upon all the great moves and graphics of Arkham Asylum and is even better.

Batman: Arkham city is a virtual world 5 times the size of Arkham Asylum, set inside a maximum security prison and home to all of the Jokers thugs and monsters.

It has a brand new storyline that showcases new Batman villains and characters, as well as a better gameplay features and new cool gadgets for Batman to use.

In fact Batman: Arkham city has a 10 out of 10 rating in Game Informer, plus it’s getting rave reviews from all gamers who have played it. It is dark and violent of course, not for kids who are looking for PG type games.

It’s a bit harder for skills and will take a while to get use to the combo moves you need to learn to make Batman do all the things he needs to do. But hardcore gamers will have no problem learning it.

Batman: Arkham city is a very long game that makes it well worth the money, plus there are many things to do in it. So if you enjoy Batman action games, make sure you check out Batman: Arkham city today! :)

Batman Arkham city video game
Click here to get Batman, Arkham city video game!