Basic information about Apple iPhones

all about iPhones

These days it seems like everyone has or is going to buy an Apple iPhone. With so many different models that have come out with many different options it can be very confusing to buy your first one. So here is a few basic answers and information about iPhones you may have. First iPhones are made by Apple, the same company that makes Mac computers, ipods and ipads. Many will agree that the Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced smart phones around. It seems like each year they come out with … [Read more...]

Valentines day electronics for her on Feb. 14th, 2012

Valentine's electronics

Click here for this Valentine's day electronics gift! Valentine's day is Feb. 14th, and you don't want to forget to give your sweetie something nice. Many don't know it but you can find some very cool electronic gifts for Valentine's day. Like the Talking and recording LED red rose gift above. This neat rose flashes a red heart light on the stalk as it plays one of three songs you can program, as well as a 6 to 10 second recording you make yourself. This red rose electronic gift will … [Read more...]

5 Great reasons to buy a Nook Color


First off let me say that I love my Nook Color from Barnes and Noble. It's an awesome little ebook that gives me hours of entertainment at my fingertips. If you're in the market for a tablet/ebook, let me give you my 5 reasons as to why I think you should make the Nook Color your choice. Size - The Nook is smaller then most tablets which makes it ideal for carrying around town. Other tablets might offer bigger screen sizes, but to me that kind of defeats the purpose of a tablet. You might as … [Read more...]

Toshiba Thrive 10-inch Tablet

Toshiba thrice tablet

Find out more about the Toshiba Thrive 10 inch tablet! The team at Toshiba has come up with another winner – the Thrive 10-inch tablet. Take this tablet with you everywhere! Not only is it small and light, it also has a rubberized surface that makes it easy and comfortable to hold. Practically everything you want in the cyber world will be at your fingertips, whether that’s playing games, viewing your own videos, watching movies, listening to music, taking photos, video chatting, or … [Read more...]

CompUSA Garmin Nuvi 1490T Auto GPS

CompUSA Garmin Nuvi 1490T Auto GPS

CompUSA Garmin Nuvi 1490T Auto GPS The Garmin Nuvi 1490T Auto GPS is a great device for finding your way around, whether you’re driving or walking. With this device, you’ll never get lost again! You won’t even have to stop and ask for directions. You can program shortcuts or the quickest routes from point to point with the multi-point routing, and when you’re driving, the Nuvi’s lane assist function will even alert you when it’s time to change lanes so that you can be ready … [Read more...]

Nokia E5 Business Phone

Nokia E5 business phone

Nokia E5 business phone This Nokia phone makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone – friends, family members, and business associates. All this is done through instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, online social networks, and email. You can personalize the home screen and make shortcuts to your frequent contacts. You can also add widgets to the screen that will give you live updates from the social networks you choose. And with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, you can share … [Read more...]

The all new HP touchpad tablet!


The tablet wars will get yet another new contender later this year as HP comes out with their new HP touchpad tablet. It looks pretty darn good too. The HP TouchPad combines great features with super convenience to make your communications fast, easy, and fun. What can you do with the HP TouchPad? Locate the info about a contact from several different sources in a single view, peruse all your pics from Photobucket, Snapfish, and Facebook in the same spot, and if you use a compatible HP … [Read more...]

Apple iPod Touch


Apple ipod touch The new Apple iPod Touch features FaceTime, allowing you to visit face-to-face with your friends who have an iPod Touch or an iPhone 4. The possibilities for this technology are practically endless, besides being a lot of fun. Wave hello from a foreign country, show your pals your new haircut, or deliver a virtual kiss. FaceTime on the Apple iPod Touch is easy to use. It’s ready to go from day one – just open a new email account or enter your Apple ID and email … [Read more...]

Apple iPhone 4


What can you get these days in the way of electronics for under $1,000? An Apple iPhone 4! With the Apple iPhone 4, you’ll get a feature that used to be possible only in the imagination of science fiction writers – FaceTime. FaceTime allows you to actually see the people you’re talking to on their Iphone 4, and they can see you, too. Imagine all the possibilities. You can see old friends, show distant relatives your new baby, show off your new outfit, or blow a kiss from around the … [Read more...]

Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + 3G)

Apple ipad

Click here to check out the Apple ipad! The Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet is a cool little machine. The 9.7-inch screen has a very clear display, backed by LED. The 178-degree view is made possible with something called “in-plane switching.” No matter which way you turn the iPad, the page you’re viewing adjusts to your perspective. The multitouch screen is super responsive, too, and the lithium polymer battery will give you up to ten hours of juice. Apple iPad MC497LL/A Tablet … [Read more...]