Panasonic 65” Class Viera VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma Television

Panasonic Viera TV
Panasonic 65” Class Viera

If you enjoy watching 3D movies in the cinema, you’ll love this Panasonic 65″ Class Viera VT25 Full HD 3D Plasma Television! Amazing images come to life on the screen, putting you right in the middle of the action. And with this huge 65-inch plasma television screen, all you’ll need are some soft drinks and popcorn to turn your living room into a home theater.

How does Panasonic do it? It has to do with left-eye and right-eye viewing. Images are reproduced at 60 frames per second, alternating between viewing for each eye.
Those watching a 3D movie will be wearing high-tech 3D glasses, which open and close the right and left shutters in perfect time with the changing images on the screen.
A distinct HD image is sent to each eye, and when added together, a full 3D image is the result. Yeah, it’s all pretty complicated, but just rest assured that Panasonic does it right, with crisp, realistic images and no blurring.

With your new Panasonic Viera 3D TV, you’ll receive one pair of 3D eyewear, so you’ll probably want to purchase additional sets for friends and family members.

The glasses are comfortable, making afterimages a thing of the past. The images you’ll experience are truly stunning. You can see the most minute details with the eyewear, including the textures of clothing.

What all can you do with your Panasonic Viera 3D TV? Thanks to Viera Cast, you can enjoy a wide assortment of online content. These include Netflix movies, YouTube videos, Pandora Internet Radio, Twitter communications, FOX Sports, and Skype video/audio conferencing.