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These days it seems like everyone has or is going to buy an Apple iPhone. With so many different models that have come out with many different options it can be very confusing to buy your first one. So here is a few basic answers and information about iPhones you may have. First iPhones are made by Apple, the same company that makes Mac computers, ipods and ipads. Many will agree that the Apple iPhone is one of the most advanced smart phones around. It seems like each year they come out with … [Read more...]

Mobile Phones


Wow! We have come along way when it comes to mobile phones. Many people that are shopping for mobile phones get confused on the different types of phones there are. There are smartphones and cell phones, so what's the difference you ask? Well, smart phones are more compatible with the internet usage and with e-mails and you can browse the web with the smartphones quite easily. The cell phones on the other hand do your very basic functions such as, making calls, receiving calls, text messaging, … [Read more...]

Cell Phones


In the picture above you will see Nokia cell phones and will also notice how basic this cell phone looks. I'm not trying to sell you a Nokia cell phone, but I am trying to inform you of the different cell phones we have. Some people don't want to mess around with a smartphone because it has to many functions to figure out and so we have your very basic cell phone for you to  choose from. Our basic cell phone does the basic calling in, calling out, text messaging, and voice mail. You can choose … [Read more...]

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Inside here you will find everything your looking for when it comes to the newest electronics gadgets, items, accessories and more. From the latest computers, digital cameras, cell phones, smart phones, camcorders, electric toys, kitchen electronics and much more you can find it here. Some of the electronic information you can find in here are side by side reviews of the latest electronics items so you can do a side by side comparison. Others showcase the latest electronic gadgets and give … [Read more...]