Nokia E5 Business Phone

Nokia E5 business phone

Nokia E5 business phone This Nokia phone makes it easy to keep in touch with everyone – friends, family members, and business associates. All this is done through instant messaging with Microsoft Communicator Mobile, online social networks, and email. You can personalize the home screen and make shortcuts to your frequent contacts. You can also add widgets to the screen that will give you live updates from the social networks you choose. And with a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, you can share … [Read more...]

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In the picture above you will see Nokia cell phones and will also notice how basic this cell phone looks. I'm not trying to sell you a Nokia cell phone, but I am trying to inform you of the different cell phones we have. Some people don't want to mess around with a smartphone because it has to many functions to figure out and so we have your very basic cell phone for you to  choose from. Our basic cell phone does the basic calling in, calling out, text messaging, and voice mail. You can choose … [Read more...]